Google’s search inside yourself

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Last week it was all in the news: The launch of Google’s book ‘Search inside yourself’ in the Netherlands. And it is all about mindfulness combining with business.


It is not that strange that Google is promoting mindfulness among their leaders and employees. There is a huge amount of scientifically proven benefits that would help loads of other organizations and their boards, management and staff too:

– General feeling of well being which among other things could lead to better performance and more engagement.

-Reducing burnouts leading to better performance and reducing costs.

– More (cognitive) flexibility meaning more adaptive to the changing business environment and dynamic circumstances.


The danger is that organizations only use mindfulness as a quick fix to reduce the costs of absenteeism and not care about the rest. That will eventually work counterproductive.

The power and benefits of mindfulness is in the whole package and when offered in combination with self-management it is a great way to help develop every employee -staff, management and the board – to become an expert in personal leadership.

It requires training and repetition. Like with everything: practice makes perfect.

Google’s ’Search inside yourself’ is a great way to start and serves as an example for other organizations.


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