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Feeling demotivated after the summer holiday? Here is one thing that you can do.

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Demotivated at work? Mindfulness helps creating a new perspective

Having a hard time starting work after returning from the summer? Feeling sad and longing for the days of sun and fun to return? That is actually a phenomena a lot of people experience.


Here is one thing you can do to help you motivate:

Create a new perspective at work.





Why that is

Creating a new work perspective helps to motivate yourself because it requires your focus, your attention and it is personal development. It is a challenge. Just like when you try a new sport: you are not sure whether you can do it, but you are curious. You start, you try and you train. You see results. And that gives satisfaction. You did something new, something you weren’t sure of whether you could do it. But you did and you achieved something. And there is something to be proud of.

Creating a new perspective is like trying a new sport: it is testing out something new at work. It doesn’t necessarily mean doing a new job or a new taks. You can simply choose something in your work that you want to create a new attitude towards, a new perspective on, like going to  meetings.


How it works: 

Here is how it works: Let’s say you go to meetings five times a week. And three of them you find boring, unnecessary, draining your energy.

  1. Explore why you go to a particular meeting. Do you know what the subject is of the meeting? Do you know what is required from you at that meeting? Do you know what that meeting will bring you? If the answer is ‘no’ find out what it is about. Find out why you should go.

  2. Decide whether you go to the meeting or not. Do not go because it is a habit but attend that meeting because you want to attend it.

  3. Be present with curiosity: If you do attend the meeting, be really present. Focus only at the meeting. Do not use your smartphone or laptops, but really be there. Listen with curiosity to what your colleagues have to say. Be at the meeting as if it was the first time you are in that meeting. What do your colleagues do? What do they say? How is the ethos, the ambiance? How do people people react on each other? What is not said? What does this meeting tells you about the organization in general?

These steps will help you look at ‘going to meetings’ in a different way and create a new perspective.

And if you see someone in your team struggling with low motivation at work, offer them these three steps. It might help them too.

This and many other things is what mindfulness can bring to your organization and leadership. Want to know more about changing work perspectives or the benefits of mindfulness in leadership for you and your team? Contact me and we can explore what mindfulness can do for you and your organization.


Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash